Father of the year makes birthday cake [VIDEO]

All we can say is this dad is the bomb for making this birthday cake for his son.  It took 10 hours to make and 2 minutes to destroy.

What have we made for God lately that’s made Him smile like this little boy?

Is there anything we’ve destroyed that’s taken God a long time to put together?

[VIDEO] Social Network Christmas – from Topeka Bible Church’s Christmas Eve services

Thanks to Igniter Media for producing this great video we used at TBC this Christmas.

[VIDEO] Why you don’t bring a camel to Christmas Eve church with you

Don’t worry…we won’t have camels tonight at Topeka Bible Church for any of our three Christmas Eve services. Your family is free to come at 3:30, 4:45, 6:00pm. Directions to 11th and Mulvane in Topeka, KS.

Drummer shows off his light show suit [video]

It looks awesome under black lights.


Yes, it’s funny to watch again. Sunday’s Coming [video]

Can’t resist to post this again.

First Hymnal for Atheists (Steve Martin)

Special thanks to Our Rising Sound for sharing this in my feed.

The Biggest Dummy You Ever Saw [video]

This one is worth the watch.

Funky Cubbie Song for #AWANA John 11:25

Cubbie funkified…


Cubbies songs for @AWANA — 50’s style Matthew 4:21-22

All Cubbies memory verses available at mymusicwriter.com on the “I Wanna Sing” CD.

How in the world did those 50’s performers nail the falsetto vocal parts every time.


John 3:16 a la Phil Collins @AWANA Cubbies remake

You can feel it coming in the air of the night Jesus was betrayed.