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  1. Kyle Shevlin says:

    Hey Brian, This is Kyle Shevlin. Saw your tweet and would like to first say, thank you. I’m a bit surprised but honored by your request.

    I don’t feel I have much to offer. Simply put, I’m a musician who hears a lot in my head but can’t find any musicians. I worked for a small church (I was just let go yesterday, unfortunately because of budget cuts. Being the last staff person hired, I am first to go) that wanted a contemporary service, but didn’t have anyone to do it. I was there for 14 months and had added a keyboardist and some vocals. On occasion, I’d find a bassist, guitarist or drummer, but frankly none were terribly skilled nor were they committed. I’d have people who wouldn’t show up, who wouldn’t come through for me. I’d work hard on arrangements to have them flake because of this or that. I have been giving guitar, bass, and drum lessons for a few months now in attempt to start to teach some people how to be worship leaders/and or part of a team, but frankly most of them are youth with a couple years to go before they have the chops for a good band.

    So I’d have to come up with simple things they could do, the ones I had, so that we could layer them to create good sounds. I believe that you can use less than great musicians if you give them the right boundaries, I suppose that’s a personal philosophy.

    But I wanted it to sound bigger and more interesting than just what we had up there, and if I’m being honest, I wanted to lead from the electric guitar once and a while and couldn’t do that without consistent musicianship. So what I started to do was to create background tracks for our setlists and I would play them from my computer on stage, DI boxing it into the system. The only issue would be that the mix would sometimes not translate, or my FOH guy wouldn’t be able to get me a monitor mix where I could clearly here what I needed to hear without it being to present in the mix. We have a very old, reverberant sanctuary and a very limited PA system. Anyways, So I would make drum tracks as if there was an actual drummer using Addictive Drums, and then use some extra pads using various free plugins i find around the net. I will even record myself playing guitars I want in the mix but can’t get on the stage. I got into Phil Wickham’s Heaven and Earth record and it kind of turned me onto using some synth plug ins and stuff. Truth be told, I have limited time to create tracks, but also I had to toe a delicate line with some people in my congregation. Sadly there were people who wanted us to fail (and have perhaps succeeded) and couldn’t understand how music is a powerful tool for worship.

    I have some time now, I could work on some things to kind of show you the “before/after” pictures. What the tracks were and where I expected instruments to fit in. Send me an email back, kyle.a.shevlin@gmail.com if you’re still interested or have other questions.

    In Christ,
    Kyle Shevlin

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