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Everyone can benefit from sharpening their game at what they do — whether is someone who is raising kids, a team preparing for the superbowl, or the president of a world power.  This hold true for worship leaders and pastors.

That’s what peaked my interested when was facilitating a webinar for worship leaders with the book by Tim Hughes.  What a great chance to sharpen the focus of worship leading with others.

If you are a worship leader/pastor out there…maybe you’d enjoy a little sharpening this month. Why not join us?  Here are the details…

Free Online Worship Study

January 30, 2011 in Leadership Course,Worship Training

If you are a worship leader or worship pastor interested in growing your team, starting a team, or simply learning to become a better leader – then I want to invite you to a free online worship study that we will be launching next month.

The course is free – but we will be going over a book by Tim Hughes entitled Here I Am To Worship for the course.

We will break apart the chapters each week and have a set time that we can discuss the content and have devotionals and lessons designed to help you become a more effective leader.  These weekly lessons will be in webinar form – and you can chose to actively participate in the discussions or sit back and absorb.

Interested?  Grab your copy of the book by clicking the picture of the book cover or by clicking here.

Then, use the form below to sign up for the course.  We are scheduled to begin the first week in March – so you will have plenty of time to pick up the required book and have it shipped to you.

via Free Online Worship Study | got worship?.

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