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In a minute, I’ll mention the loop contest mymusicwriter.com is running, but first — how we use loops and click tracks in worship.

This past week at Topeka Bible Church we ran the majority of our worship songs with loops and click tracks. Though I played keyboards for the band this week, it was nice to have additional sonic material happening in the mix.  It allowed me to play less, sing more, and focus on playing my 1/6 part of the role of the 6 member band.

The nicest part of using click tracks is having steady tempo and smooth song starts. You know those nasty drummer stick clicks.  With a silent count in, the band simply starts.  Flow is much smoother as a result.  Also, no more subjective “it feels fast” or “it’s dragging” thoughts.  The tempo is set.

The final advantage with the loops and click tracks are the vocal cues into the song sections. It serves the song on a silver platter.  There’s no questions where the verse, chorus, bridge, turns are — because you have a voice counting you in.  Sure, it’s not as flexible as a custom roadmap — but there’s never harm in dialing out the volume of the click when you decide to veer from the stated roadmap.

So do you use loops and click tracks in worship? If not, it’s not difficult once you have it set up.  If you’ve ever wanted to get started with loops…here’s an easy way to get started — mymusicwriter.com is giving away it’s entire loop library to a lucky Twitterer — but you can also pick up $10 of free loops.  Here’s the deal from mymusicwriter.com

For the launch of our new site at mymusicwriter.com, we’d love to get some free loop goodness out. Yes, it’s the same awesome site — just a new look.  So we are giving away $10 worth of loops on orders over $30.  And to top things off, we are giving away our entire worship loop library ($200 worth of loops).


To grab the free loops, enter FEBLOOP on orders over $30 (your cart will be discounted $10). We know, it’s a discount — but that’s more change in your pocket.  Code is good through Feb 28, 2011.

And for the full blown chance to grab the entire mymusicwriter.com library giveaway, all you have to do is tweet this.  “Awesome. @mymusicwriter is giving away free worship loops and click tracks.  Go get some. http://tinyurl.com/6l7n2tg

We’ll pick on March 1, 2011. Good luck.

via Worship Loop and Click Track Library – mymusicwriter.com.

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