Hipster bluegrass in #sundaysetlist #sundaysetlists #WorshipSet

This past weekend at church was not normal. A ‘typical’ week at our church is a rhythm section with 2-3 singers and maybe an add-on instrument all driven with a library of click tracks and loops. However this past weekend, Mark Congdon brought in a group he has a personal connection with — the Franz Family. If you haven’t heard of these guys, you are missing it.

Franz Family at TBC (Photo by Dustin Fluke)

The Franz Family is NOT your typical cheesy church music group that travels as a family. On the contrary, they are high caliber musicians, play new-grass style music, and have a cool hip vibe to them.  If you are looking for something that would connect with just about every generation, the Franz Family is it.

One Response to Hipster bluegrass in #sundaysetlist #sundaysetlists #WorshipSet

  1. Joan Crouse says:

    Really enjoyed the Franz famiy last Sun.
    Always enjoy orchestra music that praises the LORD!! Thanks for all each of you do. Know it is a LOT of work behind the scenes.

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