Do you like setting up pins? #sundaysetlist #sundaysetlists #worship

Many people are good at bowling, but they don’t like setting up pins. That’s why God created machines to setup the pins.  The machines do it quickly, efficiently, and correctly.  However, if it weren’t for that machine that sets up the pins, the bowler couldn’t bowl.

Every church has bowlers and pinsetters. Some bowlers are inappropriately placed as pinsetters and vise versa.  But when the right people are in the right place doing the right thing at the right time — it’s amazing to see how God has put it all together.  Here’s how it played out this past week at TBC.

If you came this past weekend as a worshiper, here’s what you would have seen.

  • Worship band
  • String trio accompanying the band
  • Scripture narration by a British gal
  • Message in monologue format

The part that no one saw that was most thrilling. That String Trio was completely put together by one of our un-paid musicians (all our musicians are un-paid).  Carrie Davidson stepped forward and said she’d like to spearhead a small string group.  Not only did she spearhead it, she wrote and arranged the music to Praise Adonai.

Here’s how she did it.

  1. Met with leadership to establish the vision and some guidelines
  2. Recorded the individual violin parts into Audacity (free digital audio editor)
  3. Transcribed the violin parts by hand
  4. Learned how to code in printed music using Lilypond (free music writing software)
  5. Coordinated rehearsals and Sunday with the trio

As the leader, I could have done all of that — but it would have robbed Carrie of the experience.

When you give vision to someone (like Carrie) it could result in that someone (like Carrie) working hard to pull it off. She was the right person for the task.  She learned a lot in the process.  The end result was witnessing the result of God using people’s gifting.  That’s what God wants — He desires leaders to set up the bowling pins, then step aside to allow star performers to take the ball and roll a strike.

The British gal (Gill Gabelmann) who read the scripture — she’s the one that pulled it off. She didn’t need coaching.  She simply needed an opportunity.  We called her and asked if she’d be willing, and she said yes.  She’s the one that pulled it off.  No one went to her and said, this is exactly how it should be done.

I could have read that scripture.  But that would have robbed Gill from the experience — and the worshipers from that nice British accent.

And the monologue for the message, was put together by one of the sons of our senior pastor.

The point here is as the church “talent broker” — the worship pastor’s job is to set up the pins for others to knock down. While the leader has virtually nothing to do with actually doing the message, narration, or string trio — setting up the pins is the job of the leader.  Allowing others to knock them down is the thrill.

Sunday, July 18, 2010 Setlist

  2. Test – click LEFT and loop RIGHT
  3. Sound Check – Full Band
  4. Sound Check – Vocals
  6. ___ PAUSE click here (cue)
  7. ___ Spacer (10 minute silence)
  8. ___ PAUSE click here (cue)
  9. ___ END click here (cue)
  11. Hosanna (Hillsong) – loop and click 78 BPM
  12. There Is a Fountain – loop and click 74 BPM
  13. ___ PAUSE click here (cue)
  14. Ancient Words – loop and click  70 BPM
  15. ___ PAUSE click here (cue)
  16. Jesus Paid It All – loop and click 76 BPM
  17. Prayer – 30 second spacer
  18. Praise Adonai – loop and click 96 BPM
  19. ___ END click here (cue)
  20. Take My Life – loop and click 92 BPM
  21. How He Loves – loop and click 51 BPM
  23. Hosanna (E) – Hillsong
  24. There Is a Fountain
  25. Jesus Paid It All
  26. Praise Adonai
  27. How He Loves (A singable)
  28. Breathe (A)
  29. Take My Life

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