Hey #church and #worship leaders — your spouse has “single parent syndrome” every weekend

My incredible wife --->

I’ve never figured out how single parents do it alone. I guess it’s a matter of perspective…one that I don’t have.

Every weekend, there are thousands of worship leaders, tech directors, and pastors who get up at the crack of dawn.  They’ve worked hard on their prep for those who will come to church.  They’ve prayed over what they’ve selected to say, what not to say, how to say it, and for their church.

But we’ve forgotten someone…our spouse who is left behind after we’ve left for that 5:30AM call.

These are the “single parents” of Sunday who wake up right after (or before) the church leader leaves the house.  These are the leaders who manage the household as a single parent every weekend.  They are the ones who pack the night before, get the kids up, get them dressed, feed them breakfast, clean the table, stop the fights, kiss the boo boos, and take care of the to do’s.  They are the ones who load up the van, drive through that same snowstorm you just drove through, park the van in a not-so-close spot (like you did), get the kids out in that snowstorm, line them up along the van to protect them from other church-goer vehicles, make a path to the kids ministry areas, security check-in, sit by their friends who have both halves of the couple there, see their spouse on stage or in the hallway…only to pick up the kids after it’s all over and get them home by themselves because their spouse has to stay for that stage teardown or podcast upload.

Listen folks, I’m not complaining.

It’s the life God has called us to, and we’ve chosen to do it.  But the job of a pastor on Sunday AM doesn’t compare to the single-mom-syndrome 52 times a year.  Here’s to all the Sunday single moms and dads out there.  We salute you.

I salute my incredible Proverbs 31 wife. Thank you Lisa, for making it all work.

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