How to remove the annoying “Vuvuzela” horns using #audio EQ

Vuvezela Horn

If you are watching the World Cup of soccer and you are tired of hearing those blasted Vuvzela horns…here’s how to get rid of them using EQ settings.  If you have a TV that has detailed EQ controls…simply apply these settings and you are gold.

A 20-40dB cut at 465Hz and 235Hz with a narrow Q (or as close to those numbers as you can get).


This reminds me of the control a FOH (front-of-house audio mixer) engineer has.  It’s the most important instrument in the room at any time.  An audio engineer can do one of three things:

  1. Make you sound like you really sound.
  2. Make you sound better than you really sound.
  3. Make you sound worse than you really sound.

One Response to How to remove the annoying “Vuvuzela” horns using #audio EQ

  1. vbasic1 says:

    Great Idea. I wish they do it at the broadcast level from their studios. I know they have the technical expertise. It must be embarrassing for the sound engineers, if they don’t let them at least try and use their graphic equalizers to reduce those frequencies.

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