What does your #church #tech power-up list look like? #ctdrt

I’ll admit it — I’m a list junkie. So here’s a quick scratch list of what we’ll need to power up.  What lists do you keep?  Care to share?

  1. Unlock doors and lights on
  2. Turn on lobby PC computer
  3. Lower Auditorium initial power up
    1. Turn on LA FOH
    2. Recall Aviom memory #1 on both units
    3. Unplug Aviom if sounding
    4. Turn on LA amp
    5. Turn on Hearback IEM
    6. Main Projector
    7. Side TV monitors, white remote
    8. Video toggle switch UP on wall panel
  4. Lobby computer, copy announcement PowerPoint slides from Dropbox to Desktop (7 urgent slides, setup slide show, check advance slide)
  5. Four breakers and cupola stain glass light
  6. Turn on audio studio rack and amp
  7. Grab camera from audio studio, put on tripod, shutter open (three plugs, white balance to A, iris to 2.2, level camera, leave wide shot with Sony remote)
  8. Power to balcony LED clock (weddings sometimes unplug this)
  9. Power up FOH (light switch, kill toggle UP for on, test CD in house)
  10. Lyric projectors and leave up video audio channel to test later
  11. Light console to video studio with adapter cable (if left there from a wedding)
  12. Stage power up: drums, Aviom, keyboards
  13. Video studio: see my video
  14. G5 pull over announcement slides to desktop
  15. Graphic announcements put in PC
  16. Test videos/audio on PC
  17. Leave set of lyrics up before leaving
  18. Run loop test on stage
  19. Jim’s mic on table, batts, tested
  20. RF batts, vocal mic announcement mic
    1. pastor’s countryman
    2. lead vocal
    3. announcement
  21. LA check Aviom click and loop
  22. Boom stand with wide mouth at piano for final song



3 Responses to What does your #church #tech power-up list look like? #ctdrt

  1. John B. says:

    Hot tip: …you might want to share this with Kaleb…no need to thank me…I look out for my friends…this is what I do…

  2. Cory Zipperle says:

    What? No potty break or doughnut consumption?

  3. Cory Zipperle says:

    When you say “POWER DOWN PROCEDURE…go in reverse” does that mean that they unplug the clock? 🙂

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