We tried something different for #worship this past weekend #sundaysetlist #sundaysetlists

We tried something different musically this past weekend for worship. Normally we have a full band on.  But not this last weekend.   Here’s how it played out.

At a worship conference I attended recently, three acoustic guitarists and vocalists came out and led in worship.  It wasn’t your campfire type of music, it was an in-your-face-acoustic-guitar-assult (the good kind).  I noticed they had a keyboard setup to support the guitars with some body and low end.  So I thought, hey — let’s try it.

So we setup three guitars and a keyboard and gave it a shot this last weekend. While I heard from many they enjoyed the change of pace, I’m simply not sure it worked the way I had envisioned.  Here are potential thoughts as to why it didn’t work:

  • Problem: The feel was mellow except for the last song.  Potential Solution: I should choose songs that are more “in your face” and up-tempo.
  • Problem: We aren’t used to singing and playing at the same time.  Potential Solution: Have additional vocalists leading like we usually do to the guitarists up to simply play and vocalists to simply lead vocally.
  • Problem: We weren’t totally confident because it was totally different than having a full band there.  Potential Solution: Have an additional rehearsal before the Thursday rehearsal with the Technical Arts Ministry involved to get our ducks in a line.

I am thankful for several things that I thought went very well.

  • It was nice to see some of the musicians doing things they typically don’t do (John singing, Randee playing acoustic guitar)
  • It was nice for a different kind of element, a break from the normal, a nice change up.
  • The click tracks (and loop on the last song) were a big saver for us.  The tempo was held straight, even without the presence of a drummer.  I found myself pushing the tempo just about every song — but the click held it even and steady.

And here’s the setlist:

  2. Test – click LEFT and loop RIGHT
  3. Sound Check – Full Band
  4. Sound Check – Vocals
  6. Set 1 – June 8, 2010
  7. ___ PAUSE click here (cue)
  8. Set 2 – June 8, 2010
  9. ___ PAUSE click here (cue)
  10. ___ END click here (cue)
  12. In Christ Alone – loop and click 66 BPM
  13. Better Is One Day – loop and click 92 BPM
  14. Hosanna (Hillsong) – loop and click 78 BPM
  15. ___ PAUSE click here (cue)
  16. How Deep the Father’s Love – loop and click 58 BPM
  17. Faithful – loop and click 114 BPM
  18. ___ END click here (cue)
  20. In Christ Alone (D)
  21. Better Is One Day (E)
  22. Hosanna (E) – Hillsong
  23. How Deep the Father’s Love (D)
  24. Faithful (A)

What have you been trying musically that’s different?

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