Transitioning roles at #Topeka #Bible #Church in the #worship arts family

If you don’t have a subscription to Topeka Bible Church’s “Worship Matters” (worship arts family eNewsletter), then you probably missed the skinny on the transitioning roles in the worship arts family.  Here’s what the latest edition of Worship Matters said.

Tell me again, why are we hiring?
For many years, Nat did it all. But “all” was simply too much for one guy. So Kevin Givens was hired as a part-time Tech Assistant to Nat. But Nat’s responsibility still was overwhelming, so Bryan Nelson was hired full time as Worship Pastor to give oversight to the music/drama aspects. Both the facility and tech responsibilities have mushroomed in the last couple of years – and will continue to do so. With Kevin Givens’ health issues, he was unable to give any more than the time he was already given. Thus, we were left with a solution to hire a full time Technical Arts Director.

What’s happening with Nat Diliberto’s role?
A natural questions is, “What’s Nat’s role going to be?” After a several month transition, Nat’s role as full time Facility Manager (new title) will be to give oversight to the maintenance and housekeeping staff, wedding liaisons (yes, we have lots of weddings), grounds, vehicles, and renovation projects for our growing campus.

What’s happening with Kevin Givens’ role?
Kevin’s part time role as technical assistant will not change, except that he’ll work under Bryan’s oversight. He will continue to assist as needed in the Technical Arts Ministry. Kevin has been the knowledge base many churches don’t have and has done many of the installs/signal-path work during this growing time at TBC. Continue to pray for Kevin and his ongoing health issues.

What’s happening with Bryan Nelson’s role?
Bryan Nelson will continue to give oversight to Worship Arts Ministry, but will now include oversight to the Technical Arts Director and Technical Assistant. He will lead the overall Worship Arts Ministry, which the Technical Arts Ministry is a part of…but give Kaleb (Technical Arts Director), the responsibility and ownership of leading the Technical Arts Ministry.

What will be Kaleb Wilcox’s role?
Under Bryan Nelson’s oversight, Kaleb will give the future vision and direction for the Technical Arts Ministry. The Technical Arts Ministry includes audio, video, lyrics, lighting, staging, IT/computers, email, and a host of other technology items you can read here. Be assured, Kaleb appears very competant for the job God is asking him to do. (We wouldn’t be hiring him if that weren’t true.) Be praying for Kaleb and his wife, Sara, as they wrap their brain around Topeka Bible Church.

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