What are your family spiritual values? Here’s ours, revised.

Last week, Lisa and I were going through a devotional book for couples and revisiting “spiritual family values” that we had written down in 2005. It’s five years later, and we pulled up the list…
  1. Family ministry before church ministry.  This means more nights at home (family ministry) than at church (church ministry).  Our family schedule is a higher priority than church calendar.
  2. Devotions and prayer as a family.  This means we do it together, and it’s more than the dinner table or bedtime prayer.
  3. Transparency with spiritual life.  This means we infuse our everyday talk with things about Christ.  What would Jesus think of this?  How would God like us to behave?  What does His Spirit encourage us to say?
  4. Making worship more than a job.  This means when we take a weekend vacation somewhere, we attend another church together as a family on vacation.  While we most likely won’t put our kids through going to an unknown Sunday school class, we want to make worship as a family a priority, even when we are on vacation.
  5. Stewardship.  This means we have some chores with out pay, yet other chores for pay and incorporate a tithe.

We are doing well on some of these.  Others need work.  Like #5.

After talking through the list, we are adding one more to it…“#6. Outward focused, pointing others to Christ (added June 3, 2010).”  That means we focus on others instead of ourselves.  We engage those outside our comfort zone to begin relationships.  This means the unlovable and those who Christ would most likely be spending time with.

What are your family spiritual values?  Got any we missed?

If you don’t have any yet, think about what they would be.

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