How one guy beat over 100 applicants for a Technical Arts position at Topeka Bible #Church #ctdrt

Kaleb Wilcox

After 100+ applicants to Topeka Bible Church’s Technical Arts Director position — a stellar dude (Kaleb Wilcox) from Cedarville, OH made the cut and beat everyone else out. Kaleb will arrive mid-July to join the team at TBC. There were so many good people who are highly qualified. How did we find him?

METHOD: Here’s how we arrived at the top candidate.

  1. Prayed hard and created a single webpage with a tinyurl link to the position description.
  2. Advertised the position on a national level with, Full Sail, Twitter,, Berklee School of Music, Willow Creek, Dallas Theological Seminary, and a few other odd places online.
  3. We waited about a month for all the applicants to submit a resume.
  4. The immediate overseer of the position narrowed the search from 100+ to the top 20 candidates.
  5. Immediately emailed the top 20 and asked if the salary was workable for them (we had a firm salary situation, no negotiation).
  6. The “top 20” (now 17) candidates were given to 4 other individuals (Executive Pastor, Pastor of Technical Arts & Facilities, an IT specialist, and a Professional Recording Artist/Musician) and ranked.
  7. The top 5 were given a phone interview by the immediate overseer of the position and references were contacted.
  8. The top 3 were submitted to the search and given a Skype video interview.
  9. We flew in what we thought was the top candidate.
  10. Bingo! Kaleb and Sara Wilcox were a perfect match.

THE DIFFERENCE: Here’s why Kaleb stood out.

  1. Growing believer – it was obvious to us, his references, and his church that he had a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, that’s important to us
  2. Brains dude – he had a high GPA (almost 4.0) in a double major of Audio Production and Video Production
  3. Experience baby – he was given the opportunity to operate FOH (front-of-house audio mixer) for his university’s 3,600 auditorium and thrown on a 30 foot jib
  4. Amish work ethic – his references talked about his high work ethic
  5. Trust factor – he lives on both sides of the mic (a worship leader and live audio engineer)
  6. Velcro factor – he volunteered at a church during school and later the church paid him part-time to keep him around
  7. Universal geek-head – he wasn’t a PC hater or Mac PC…he understood computers are merely tools
  8. Humility – he came and did the job, did it well, and didn’t have an “air” about him when he did the job

And here’s why others did not make it:

  1. They used an explicative or inappropriate language during an interview
  2. They divulged inappropriate email exchanges between former employees, in detail
  3. They didn’t use proper grammar in correspondence
  4. They mentioned they wanted the next step in their “career”
  5. They wanted to be a part of a building project so they could put “their name on something”

We can’t wait for Kaleb and Sara to be with us at Topeka Bible Church. May God continue to guide our every move to be a part of expanding His kingdom instead of our own.


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