@PlanningCenter and @Line6 #worship #tip — share #guitar effects via song attachments

Problem: A song needs two electric guitars to have the exact same delay setting (the pace of echo and amount of times it echos before it fades — for those of you who aren’t into guitar effects).  However, a total of six guitarists rotate in and out of the band each weekend (for our situation, a church).

Solution: Use the same Line 6 effects units for guitarists.  Create a click/loop track at a certain beats per minute (say 114 BPM for Kristian Stanfill’s “Faithful” song).  Then create a patch on the Line 6 unity with a proper 3 against 2 feel (3 echos for every 2 beats)…then upload the MP3 click track and Line 6 tone file (extension .l6t) to Planning Center Online — and your guitarists are all set.  The other electric guitarists can download and install the tone file and capture the right delay.  The only tweak needed is for each individual guitarist to set an appropraite gain level and tone for his guitar…cause each guitar is different.  Bam…any rotating electric guitarist in the band shows up with the right delay…and nothing but sweet accurate delay with both guitarists.

Thank you Planning Center Online and Line 6 for a great marriage, and making my life a little easier when it comes to rotating bands and musicians.


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