Get a good worship audio mix (basics and EQ)

The rule of thumb for launching a good mix is to begin with:
  1. Kick drum (low and supportive)
  2. Snare drum (driving)
  3. Bass guitar (ducks with kick drum)
  4. Vocals (lead out front, harmonies support)
These four elements are the “skeleton” of your mix.  These should be able to speak clearly together without interference with each other.  After obtaining a good mix of these four elements…the rest of the instrumentation can fall into place to form the “body” around the skeleton (guitars, keys, extra instrumentation).

Try turning down your mix to a very quiet level (if possible).  Another rule of thumb is that a good quiet mix will be a good loud mix.  The opposite is rarely true — simply because the loudness can hide a poor mix.  Running a quiet mix is only for rehearsal purposes, the mix (for a worship setting) should be on the louder side (subjective).

Also, this PDF chart that might be helpful for FOH audio engineers.  It’s only a guide…and every system, venue, instrument, vocalist, and musician’s gear responds differently.

One Response to Get a good worship audio mix (basics and EQ)

  1. Matt says:

    You can never have too much bass.

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