When to say “yes” to outside music groups at your church

I’ve mentioned before why we turn down just about every request from an outside music group at our church.  But there are times when saying yes to outside music groups is beneficial.  There are several criteria we look for when we say yes to these outside groups.  Here are some of the most important.

  1. We seek them first instead of them seeking us. It’s an internal drive to invite the group — rather than an external initiative.  Most of the time music group seeks a church out because the group needs the church (financially/date/promotion).
  2. Someone who is currently active in our local church ministry is responsible. This means they not only make a request, they also spearhead all aspects of bringing the group (honorariums, offering, count team, hospitality, security, tickets, promotion, scheduling with the master calendar, coordinate with our tech director to secure audio/video needs, etc.).
  3. There’s already a built in demand/desire to bring the group. If it’s just one individual and/or their family cheerleading the effort — it’s not enough drive to make the event successful.
  4. It will work with (rather than against) current ministry initiatives —  calendar, finances, and purpose.  The purpose behind the group coming should not only be clear (outreach or inreach), but should also benefit our local church (not just the group).  If it’s not a win/win — then it’s not going to fly.  Somehow, it has to contribute in a real way to the church — not just be a benefit to the promoter or artist (rental house syndrome).
  5. The group should already have a history of success either locally or nationally.

These are a few of the guidelines we look for when we say yes to an outside music group.


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