Have you ever seen an album without an artist, label, or copyright?

Billy Graham did something unthinkable for one of the most famous preachers alive.  After the Billy Graham library was complete, he took a walk inside and requested it to be stripped down of “Billy” stuff.  It seems he wanted people leaving talking about Jesus instead of Billy.  We can learn a lesson from Billy Graham.

Just a thought.  What if music artists decided to create music without names attached, without a record label, and all copyrights go immediately into public domain?  The album art doesn’t include any credits of artists, producers, mix masters, or anything of the sort.  It only includes a description of why there are no names — and points to only One name…Jesus Christ.  All proceeds would go to promoting the Gospel instead of a label or a group.  I understand some artists need to put food on the table for their families — and I also understand that God takes care of the needs of His children.  Yes, it would be a sacrifice to create, reproduce, and distribute.  It would go against the grain of everything American.

I’m just thinking — when will we point people to Jesus more than the image/label/artist?

By the way, here’s what was done at the library (via christianpost.com) …

Unfortunately, however, after touring the library following its opening in May 2007, the elder Graham reportedly said it was “too much Billy Graham.”

The dairy barn-shaped library – modeled after Graham’s early childhood home in Charlotte – housed a repository of Graham’s personal papers, including his correspondence and sermon manuscripts; rare film footage; and more than 350 photographs recognizing the 60-year legacy of the world renowned evangelist who has preached to more than 210 million people across six continents.

It also featured some of Graham’s historic evangelistic events; his innovative use of radio, television, and films to reach out to millions of people around the world; meetings with presidents and world leaders; his work for racial equality and religious freedom; and a glimpse into his personal life.

“He (Graham) doesn’t want attention to go to him,” said Graham’s younger sister, Jean Ford, after the library’s initial opening. “And yet it just does.”

In light of this and other issues, the library was closed for renovations – changed so that there would be a clear presentation of the Gospel as visitors go through from room to room.

“We want this library to be like an ongoing crusade,” Franklin Graham said in remarks at Tuesday’s dedication ceremony inside the lobby of the library.

“This library is a ministry, and that’s what we wanted. That’s what we intended,” the 57-year-old evangelist added. “And these changes that we have made have strengthened the ministry.”


2 Responses to Have you ever seen an album without an artist, label, or copyright?

  1. John Bows says:

    hmmm…big difference between “toning down” the vibe at the Billy Graham Library; and making everything “Jesus generic”…Billy Graham didn’t say take my name off all my books, records and tapes, and from now on let’s just market everything under the name of Jesus. (Frankly, I think they would sell better with “Billy’s” name on them than Jesus’ anyway)…in the absence of ownership of intellectual property rights in a captialistic society, we’d have to return to artists finding “Patrons” to support their artistic endeavors….

  2. tom chastain says:

    billy graham has a new and exciting book coming out called “storm warning it gives alot of the many awnsers that we face with tough questians on a day to day situation it is a wonderful book and it gives you the peace of God

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