A Plea To The Christian Creative (That’s You) from @loswhit

I’m guilty as charged. I use the easy Google way out – even if i am from Google, KS. It’s easier to borrow creativity than to create it.  Just think, I simply cut and pasted this wonderful post to my blog…

A Plea To The Christian Creative (That’s You)


I think most churches should rename their creative meetings “Search Google For Ideas That Parallel The Sermon Series Meetings”.

The internet is quickly becoming the least creative place on the planet.

It is time for we as Christians…if we truly have THE ULTIMATE CREATOR inside of us…to take creativity by the horns.

Everyone of us has God somewhere within us. Even if we don’t yet know it. Therefore we have access to HIS creativity.


As we are staring at our 15″ of LCD there is a world moving on the other side full of ideas and ready to explore.

The internet has only been around for a few years.

Our creative God is much more creative than anything you can squeeze out of Google.

So let me implore you…

And I have never even typed the word implore before…

For your next creative meeting…

Leave the safety of your florescent lights, laptop screens, and conference tables…

Go outside with your pen and moleskine and let the creativity that He has put within you come out as you put divinity back into things.

You have more good ideas than you give yourself credit for.





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