There is a growing community who use #worship #audio #loops – @loopsinworship @kylecampos @bryannelson and others

Kyle Campos interviewed

There’s been a growing worship community who are using click tracks and loops for much of the music in worship we use.  Recently, Loops In Worship interviewed Kyle Campos — someone who creates loops and click tracks for worship settings.  If you attend TBC and are reading this, yes — we use loops and click tracks.  If you didn’t know we used loops/clicks, then that’s a good thing in my book.  Loops augment what the live bands are doing while the click tracks keep our two bands in separate rooms synchronized together. In fact, sometimes we have the audio signal from a missing instrument in the Lower Auditorium (LA) sent directly to the Main Auditorium (MA) so it can play “virtually” in two places at once.

Since we’re talking about loops and click tracks — I’ll share that we stumbled on a new rehearsal method that helped us learn transitions and tricky parts this past week.  It’s similar to the Virtual Sound Check that has been a big help in streamlining our sound checks and helps us set consistant IEM (in-ear-monitor system) and FOH (front-of-house audio mixer) levels.

So here the new rehearsal method — we put together a “rehearsal set” that ran us through all of the tricky spots we knew in advance we’d have to run through.  We triggered the rehearsal set — and it automatically rehearsed us. Have a listen.  It takes some advance planning, but the rehearsal payoff was huge for us…especially since we didn’t have to figure out where to start and stop the transition points to rehearsal.

Maybe you are like me and are on the lookout for worship loop resources. Got any loop or click track tips you can share?


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