Worship Resource: List of hymns with a modern update for #worship

A local pastor just called me and asked for suggests for music to have hymns with a more modern musical feel. This is a difficult task…it involves treasured music people hold dear (myself included).  And it is subjective for what works and what doesn’t.  So here was my list I gave him.  What would your list include?

  1. Hymns for Praise and Worship (WORD)
  2. Hymns Classic Songs For Modern Worship (WORD)
  3. Hymns: Ancient & Modern (PASSION)
  4. Hymns (WORD – Sterling/Williamson/Rhodes)
  5. iWorship Series (INTEGRITY)
  6. Rock of Ages…Hymns & Faith (AMY GRANT) – not a big fan of Amy Grant, but this recording has some interesting varations
  7. Rise Up and Praise Him (WORD) – a little dated, but works for some environments
  8. Hymns: A Place Of Worship (Classic Hymns) (4HIM) – not a huge fan of 4HIM, but this is tastefully done
  9. And just for fun…Hymned Again (BART MILLARD)

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