Facebook – What do your friends know about your beliefs?

This week an old friend messaged me on my Facebook profile and asked the following…

I’ve noticed some of your posts. And I’m curious, What faith are you? Protestant? Charismatic? Baptist? I was just wondering.

It got me asking some questions.

  1. Should the reader be able to tell what religious denomination from my posts?  Why?
  2. Should I be more clear, less clear, or write with the current clarity on the subject?
  3. If it were Jesus who was posting, instead of me, would the reader be able to tell where He was coming from denominationally (even though Jesus wasn’t of a certain denomination 2000 years ago)?

Regardless, I hope that readers clearly deduct that I follow Jesus. I’m a student (some call it a disciple) of Him.  I don’t really consider myself ‘belonging’ to a religious denomination of any kind.  I simply place my faith solely on what Jesus did on a cross (death) as payment for all my sins (and the world’s), which in turn causes God to look at the sin in my life as paid, granting access to an eternity with God in heaven after this temporary physical life.  In short, that’s the Bible says is the gospel.  Is the gospel a religious denomination?  Well, some religious denominations certainly have this as the cornerstone to its belief structure.  However, not all denominations believe this or have variations of it.  So I guess I wanted to be clear about Who (Jesus) I place my faith in before I muck it up with what group it is associated with.

What do you think you’d want people to know about your spirituality on Facebook?

1 Peter 3:15 – But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.


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