How to Manage a Volunteer’s Task List Using Realtime Updating (Remember the Milk)

Good Problem:
You’ve got a dedicated weekly volunteer who is very capable of doing a variety of tasks and follows a list.  You need to maintain a list that they can view from their home computer, yet have the ability to add to it at any time (even after sending them the list).
Create a realtime updated task list.
How To Set It Up:
  1. Use online task website Remember the Milk (RTM) to create a task list.
  2. Put your  volunteer’s name in the name of the task you’d like them to see (“go get me a case of root beer – Patty” for example).
  3. Create a ‘smart’ list in Remember the Milk using the search term “Patty”.
  4. Grab the RSS link from the smart list search.
  5. Create a friendly Tinyurl link to put in an email to Patty – your volunteer.  Go to to create one of these bad boys.  Here’ my link –
  6. Send a regularly schedule automated email with the link (I use Mac OS native program Automator to do this).
  7. Automate printing a list of the RSS feed (Automator again).
  8. Go open up a root beer and watch your volunteer smile when they walk in to your office (depends what you put on the list).  If she’s frowning, offer her the root beer.

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