:: what crutch are you labeling as a ‘tool?’

Check out what the President used as a teleprompter below. [If you are reading this in an RSS feed reader…you’ll need to open this puppy up.] When I lead worship, sometimes I get the reaction, “Wow, you know all those words by heart.” Shaa right, no I don’t! We have two teleprompter screens in the back of the Mulvane main upper auditorium location AND Mulvane lower auditorium (LA) location. That means what the worshipers see, I see as well.

So don’t think I’m all cocky and know all the lyrics when leading worship. I don’t. When it comes down to it – the video screen is leading us all in worship, including me. It’s our digital hymnal. Now if there was only a way to get the music up their too.

Unfortunately, like our modern-day Presidents, I rely on the teleprompter like a tool. Or is it a crutch?

QUESTION: What other potential crutches do we label as tools in worship? At work? In life?

PRAYER: Lord, help me identify areas in my life that I’m taking the easy road spiritually. Show me what is really a tool or simply a crutch to get by.


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