:: what boundaries have you set up in your life?

Without boundaries, life can suck you into a vortex of saying “yes” to just about everything (both the ‘good’ things and ‘best’ things). However, this leaves you virtually no room to say “yes” to the ‘best’ things in life that God brings. In essence, the ‘good’ stuff overtakes you.

Here is one of my boundaries. So every Thursday, my family and I have a ‘boundary lunch.’ Basically, it’s the one lunch date every week that my family and I have lunch together. If others need to meet, it’s going to be another day of the week – but not Thursday. It’s turned into a day that we look forward to. We reconnect. We cherish the ‘us’ time. And we can plan on it happening regularly.

How about you? What boundaries do you set up?


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