Lunch with two Topeka worship leaders

Had lunch last Wednesday with two other worship leaders in Topeka, KS. On the left, Ken Broom (Fellowship Bible Church). On the right, Gary Greening (Northland Christian Church).

We had lunch at a great place in Topeka — becoming one of my favorites. It’s called Via Pizzeria. If you haven’t tried it…try it. It has a little place for kids in the corner, and a Foosball table in another corner. Anyway, enough of the great place.

Why did we have lunch together? It’s because I wanted the skinny on their churches, the dirt, the tricks, slick moves — you know…all the stuff that we are in competition with them on and makes us jealous. OK, that was only half of it… (seriously)

It was a lunch simply to talk shop, hang out, and get out of our box. You see, we rarely sit down over grub to discuss what’s working and what’s not with others NOT in our church. It offers a fresh perspective. And it also promotes teamwork. Listen, these guys are on my team. What they do is what thousands of churches do every weekend. We all want the same thing. We want to see people led to Christ and respond in worship to Him. If our goal is the same, and we are on the same team — then by all means, let’s huddle together.


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