Worship Leader Tip: Free Giveaway, Designing Effective Worship Gatherings

I enjoy giving something away if it might really help someone. No I’m not going to give you my iPhone, but I have something that might be of value.

It’s all my secrets – 20 outline pages to a conference workshop based off of my experience designing worship gatherings/environments. Keep in mind, it’s only one person’s experience – mine. But it will give you insight into how God has shaped me to create times of worship.

You can download the PDF of “Designing Effective Worship Gatherings” here.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s included.

This workshop will take an in-depth look at how to design (create, organize, execute, and evaluate) a corporate worship gathering that has a potential to cause authentic worship in all generations. We will also visit how to manage musicians, technicians, and artists lead others in worship through the local church.

Those who will benefit:
1) Those desiring to create worship gatherings that produce authentic worship.
2) Instrumental and vocal musicians in the local church.
3) Technicians (sound, lights, video, camera, staging) in the local church.
4) Ministry leaders of music and media ministry.


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