Going Retro

I have to admit that I’m a fan of taking something old and giving it new life with a spin. Last weekend we inserted a clip from Baba O’Reily (The Who) into the New Doxology (Gateway Worship).

Here’s the link to the audio if you’d like to listen…

And here’s a great article on the SWERVE blog about the OLD is the new NEW.

OLD is the new NEW

I’ve been noticing that many ideas are sprouting from our American media culture that are not new. Many are fairly old, simply polished to look new. Consider the following list of “oldies” that have recently reappeared:


  • Copeland has redone “Another Day in Paradise” and “Take My Breath Away”
  • Guitar Hero brought back so many rockin’ tunes… My two-year-old knows “Carry On My Wayward Son!” (ROCK ON!)
  • Every one of these was spruced up with technology and a new look to be entertaining and attractive to today’s culture, without losing the idea behind the original concept. Sometimes when transitioning a church or a “churched” mindset, we as leaders may completely kill something that simply needs an update. Maybe we just need to bring back something old and make it new.


    3 Responses to Going Retro

    1. Andy Spade says:

      Very nice, Bryan. I enjoy that sort of thing, too; maybe I just have too much heathen in me. But I’ve told Todd Bochenko that it’s always a treat when he’s playing guitar on the worship team, because he slips in stuff like that. Others might not notice it, but it enhances my worship!

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      • verticalresonator says:

        I’ve had a couple of “power mornings” if you know what I mean. Losing power really means thinking on your feet without a backup plan. I typically don’t have a “power failer” plan … except for cracking out my classical guitar and recreating the “Silent Night” unveiling.

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